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Established in 2009 Brush Effects Painting first began in Denver, Colorado and quickly saw great success. The owners soon realized that if they were going to have a thriving business, they desired to be in a place where they could settle down for a long period of time. Colorado was great but not for them. In the beginning months of 2010 they relocated to Charlotte, NC and opened for business.
Upon arrival in Charlotte, they hit the grounding running; spreading the word about Brush Effects Painting. Through integrity and hard work, their customer base rapidly grew to well exceed their business in Denver. Because of their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Brush Effects Painting is now thriving in Charlotte as well!
Brush Effects Painting has been in business in North Carolina for the past three years. They get most of their business from customer referrals. They also use their business as a ministry tool to help out their local church.

Our names are Joel & Kristen Henderlong. We are a young, married couple with a great passion for life. We desire to use Brush Effects Painting as an example of a higher standard of doing business. We believe you should have a relationship with your customers beyond just business. Although we provide elite paintings services, our customers remember us for our excellent customer service experience. Everything we do is done with their desires in mind. Our customers know that with us, it’s about so much more than just painting.

In the future we plan to use Brush Effects Painting as a ministry partner with our local church, not only financially but also with our time and resource. We pride ourselves in being a Christian company who always conducts business with integrity, character, and honor in mind. If you are in need of any painting services or you desire to partner with us in this mission, we hope you give us a call. We promise you will be glad you did.
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